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We are a family-run, single product, salad dressing company that is flying off the shelves in South Florida. Our vinaigrette is made using fresh ingredients grown in Big Mama's Backyard Garden in Miami, Florida. For more than 30 years, anyone who would try Big Mama's dressing would say, "This is excellent! You should sell it!". In 2021 we launched and have sold more than 6,000 bottles and we are in 12 stores with more on the way. We are active on social media: @bigmamasfoods and over 60% of people who try our dressing, buy a bottle. We typically sell 100 bottles a day at any farmer's market we attend. We ship all over the United States. Big Mama reviews and only offers the best affiliates an invitation to join our affiliate network. Once approved, you'll receive a gift to try/use our dressing plus a custom code for your followers to use. For any questions, please contact us through this site, at info@bigmamafoods.com or at 305-523-9495. Thank you!

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